Common Mistakes People Make In Commercial Video Production

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Commercial video production is a very unique service in today’s society. It requires a certain set of skills and attention that can be acquired only through training. If you’re an aspiring video producer, then you need to expand your knowledge about the art of video production and also work with a renowned video producer to gain extensive experience. You should develop a vision and also understand how much goes into the process and prepare yourself for it. 

At Sparkle Films LLC, we’ve come across a number of inexperienced video producers that made avoidable mistakes, such as not listening to their clients’ needs or failing to be prompt, that compromised the quality of their video content. These errors could have been avoided had the producer been aware of a few bits of information. To help you steer clear of these situations and produce results that will be impactful for your client’s business, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make in video production.

1. Not communicating with the client
A common mistake that is made by a lot of video production companies these days is communication. When dealing with a client, you should always have clear communication, and they should understand from start to finish when and how they should be receiving a final product. This will ultimately result in a one time job with the client and not ongoing. You should not just offer just a one time service but build the brand for the client

2. Skimping on editing
When it comes to post-production, if a person is not focused as much as the average person, it shows in the final video result. When watching a video online, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, do you want to be engaged? The second you start thinking about the time or anything else, that is when you know the video is not great. This is a result of bad editing. As a video producer, you need to make sure that you deliver quality editing services that complement your project.

3. Not being punctual
When it comes down to production, you always want to give yourself enough time to arrive and set up your equipment. In some cases, there are people who think they don’t need to spend too much time setting up. When in reality, a video producer should be spending about an hour setting up for a standard testimonial, soundcheck, lighting, camera. There is a lot that goes into it, and if you set it up quickly, you’re not going to get great results on camera. But if you take your time and create a mood and feel for your atmosphere, the result will be much better.

4. Failing to keep a positive attitude
Whether you’re on-site or in the editing bay, it is always mandatory to keep a positive attitude. If you are negative or having trouble outside of work and bring that into the environment, a client will notice, and that ultimately will end your relationship with them. Having a positive attitude will create a better experience for the client and ultimately bring you more business in the long run.

5. Not having a contract
When making an agreement with a client, you always want to ensure you have a contract or some sort of paper trail of your conversation. In some cases, if a client is not satisfied with the work that is produced, they may ultimately decide not to pay you. But if you have a contract and agreement handy, this won’t be a problem.

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