About Sparkle Films LLC

Orange County Video Production Company

Welcome to Sparkle Films LLC, a worldwide Video Production Company based in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach California. We are a full service entertainment group where passion and business meet. Our goal is to deliver high quality Video Production Services as well as excellent customer service.

Each production we have the privilege to put together is different and special and it’s on the way. Each production has its own life and story to tell. Therefore, not one production is made the same way.

All of us at Sparkle Films LLC understand the value of excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on our “nothing but the best” service skills. We truly enjoy the company of our clients and the close relationships we build. It is not uncommon for us to do several productions for the same client because they are so pleased with our work.

Our customer service will always be the most important thing we do. Our passion will make your dreams come to life.

We will work with you as a partner from video concept to shooting to editing the final product. We ensure that the full impact and vision of the Video Production will not only reach your audience but also make an impact on them. ​ ​

Each client deserves, and will receive, the same level of integrity, honesty, and passion we put into each and every one of our video productions. ​

Colorful Studio - Video Production Company Orange County by Sparkle Films LLC
People Captured in the Forest by Sparkle Films LLC - Photography San Clemente
Four Men Posing - Photography Orange County by Sparkle Films LLC




Every Video Production we have the privilege to put together is different and special in its own way. Each Video Production has its own life and story to tell. Therefore not one production is made the same way, but the general “process” description starts like this.

We are with the client every step of the way, starting with the very first call or email. First we take the client’s vision for Video Production and, as a team, we brainstorm all the facets and potential it has. From there we take all the brainstorming and turn it into an actual storyboard and/or script. This is the step that starts taking the vision and dream the client started with and literally bring it to life.

After the shooting is completed the collaboration is taken into Post Video Production. This is where we add a little Sparkle magic to the Video Production. Then, we as a team and with our client, take a full overview of the video production. This is also where we can make changes or critiques as the team or the client sees fit.