How To Create A $5000 Video On A $500 Budget

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Producing projects like corporate videos or wedding shoots is an extremely tough job that involves looking at every expense and pinching pennies where you can. You have to consider every stage of production, understanding what choices might be the most or least costly. That way, you can reduce the amount you spend on your video.

It is possible to create a good quality video even with limited resources. But, the idea is to create a valuable-looking video that would normally be budgeted around $5000. But let’s say you only want to pay $500 to have a good quality video produced. While this is tricky, it is definitely possible. To learn how to create a $5000 video on a $500 budget, keep reading! The experts at Sparkle Films LLC have listed a few tips and tricks in this blog to ensure you get a bang for your buck.

Use minimal equipment
When you start looking into what type of gear you need to shoot your own videos, it becomes all too easy to wind up in a rabbit hole of amazing cameras and equipment. However, considering you don’t have a big budget, it would be wise for you to use minimal equipment. It’s actually never been more affordable to create stunning videos for cheap. But while using the minimal equipment you have, it is important for you to use your best knowledge and set up accordingly.

Hire an assistant
If you can, hire an assistant for the day shoot and pay them a minimal salary. Yes, you might be blowing your budget at that point as your spending capacity is only $500. But at the end of the day, your assistant can help set up lights, bounce magical light outdoors, and help set up audio while you are doing all of the camera work. This ends up adding a lot more value to the video.

Limit yourself
Limit yourself on how many shots you get. Think about quality, not quantity. Take your time and make sure the shots are all the best, and therefore you’re going to have the best results for the video final. Shoot everything flat. There are camera profiles these days that you can shoot everything in a “log” profile which allows much more opportunity for different color grades in post. Remember, the aim here isn’t to get multiple dynamic, fancy, and over-the-top shots. Rather it is to get a few lovely shots that suit your needs perfectly.

Take your time
By taking the time to plan your video thoroughly before you start production, you can ensure that the quality of your actual content is just as good as the quality of your footage. Give yourself enough time for this shoot. Don’t rush anything. Rushed productions always end up looking bad later on. You want to maintain a moderate schedule and not be rushed with your shots.

Edit a really good video
This is the tricky part because editing is the most time-consuming, and you have to spend so much time doing it. But in this case, you should spend time editing your videos as they showcase your work, and that is valuable for business.

Bottom line
To obtain the best video for your requirements, you need to be realistic. Usually, we tell our clients that they can spend less money on the production side because it is not as time-consuming as post-production. Post-production is where you should focus most of your budget as a lot can be done in it, and it also requires the most work. But, in the end, we would advise you to save up a little more than what you planned for. Of course, spending $500 on a video will get you something, but it’s not gonna be as substantial as a video you would invest more money in. In the end, however, you are going to have to make the most of what you have. With a lot of creativity and a little investment, you can create fun and compelling videos that will make you stand out.

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