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Its been an honor and privilege working with Sparkle Films. Special thank you to Cory Sparkuhl and Cyrus Polk for capturing such an amazing footages of my outdoor workout routines through the city of Laguna Beach. I do recommend Sparkle Films to anyone out there in need of a good video production Service. Good job guys, keep on loving what you do best.

Bonifacé D.

I have known of Sparkle Films for some time now, watching it grow from an idealistic startup to a full fledged, professional operation which delivers a world class product on time and on budget. Not only that, but with immense trust, creativity and cutting edge technology. It took a huge weight off my shoulders to meet with Cory and Trevor, listening to their thoughts and plans, trusting them, and seeing the fruits of their collaboration which led to a Medical-Surgical video having no equal. Thanks to them for their hard work and incomparable results. MD Sparkuhl, MD

Michael S.

I am giving a high rating in service and for having visionary sense of purpose to help the public to know and see who you really are. I felt a sense devotion to detail of story, lighting and even picking the perfect site to reflect you individual story. I respect their sense of professionalism and walked away uplifted from the experience. And I had the photos to remember the wonderful happening and marker in a moment of personal joy. Terrell Washington Anansi

Terrell A.

I chose Sparkle Films for my Real Estate agent profile video and couldn't be happier! They are true professionals and masters at their craft. Incredible service and a beautiful end result, Thanks so much for all that you do!!!

Jasana S.

Cory and Cyrus are a magical team with cutting edge technology. They listen to detail and follow through with fantastic results. Very pleased with their work.

Christian L.

Cory and his team are so professional and have the upmost artistic astetic. So pleased with his attention to detail and the project created. Highly recommended.

Andréa C.

I can't begin to say what an amazing job Cory & Cyrus did filming for our wedding! Nearly two months later, we are watching our wedding video daily. The editing and production makes us feel like we are watching the trailer to a love story. Extremely professional, insanely talented, & just all around great guys. One thing I realized as I watched the video, I really don't remember the cameras or drones capturing the shots as I watched them. This is really important as we've all been to that wedding where the videographer is as apparent as the bride & groom. They were everywhere, but they were no where - never disruptive or in your face. Cory and Cyrus are very easy to work with as well. More importantly they are passionate about their filming and editing and this shines through when you see their work. Thank you Sparkle Films, you eternally captured the essence of our wedding day and we are forever grateful of your talent and heart.

Lauren C.

Our nonprofit organization, Legacies Alive, just finished shooting a promo that focused on our organizational objectives and an upcoming event we have planned this year. Given the sensitive nature of our nonprofit's mission it was paramount that we worked with an organization that was focused, understanding and produced a video that had a delicate mixture of sensitivity but was powerful to the supporters of our cause. The team at Sparkle Films did that and more. They met with us prior to our shoot in order to ensure we were all on the same page, provided an outline for how they thought our message would best be delivered, and were extremely professional and patient during our shoot day. Legacies Alive gives their highest recommendation to Sparkle Films and anyone in the market for what they offer.

Mike V.

The following review was written by my husband and this means so much because he was very hesitant with having a videographer at our wedding...he thought a photographer would be enough! I couldn't have asked for anything more from Cory! I knew it was "meant to be" from the very beginning!

Cory was nothing short of amazing to work with for our wedding. He was professional, creative, edgy and most of all - fun to work with. I was somewhat hesitent with moving forward with any videographers, but my wife insisted and I gave in. Looking back it was probably the best investment we could have made on our big day. After months of careful planning, we couldn't have realized how removed we were from our own wedding! Everything moved so fast that we missed so much! Nothing could have captured all that we missed better than Cory and Ryan (his assistant) from the moment we started getting ready up to the last dance. The behind the scenes footage was awesome to be able to relive everything and those beautiful moments that we missed like the spouse getting ready and the guest's point of view. The final product came out better than we could have hoped and in a shorter time than it took to receive our picture book from the photographer!

Jessica R.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Cory Sparkuhl and his amazing team to produce a video story for my team & a consequent campaign. The professionalism exhibited was amazing, the team realized our vision from start to finish and were incredible in their observation & film skills - giving us great advice on what was camera ready, what would relate to our audience and how our story could be improved. The team came prepared to every shoot or meeting and left no detail to chance or circumstance. Every need was met and the team went above & beyond to ensure that our project was and is a success. Sparkle Films truly is a one stop shop for all of your video production needs - they produced for us: a soundtrack, talent, locations, script revising & improvement, professional lighting & sound, the list just goes on & on! I can't wait to work with the team again & will definitely be using their skills & talent to produce and realize my next video vision.

Shan E.

Sparkle films has helped me create some of the best NINJA Videos of my life. Would recommend them to anyone. I can't wait to work with them again!

Travis B.

Not only are Cory and Cyrus two of the raddest guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, but they are the most impressively incredible photographer duo. I remember the first time I shot with them.. I felt so nervous and just hoped that I'd be up to their standards. Within 5 minutes of meeting them, I felt so comfortable and 'part of the crew'. We had such a great time- and always do. Whenever I shoot with Sparkle Films, I know I'm in for a laughter-filled, awesome day. Not to mention, I leave every shoot knowing there are hundreds and hundreds of amazing photographs that continue to blow me away. I'm proud to have had the pleasure to work with these guys from the beginning and see their creative eye evolve into art that is even better than the superb place they started at. I can't imagine having never being blessed enough to have these guys as two of my favorite photographers that I hope will one day document my wedding, but also being my good friends who are always looking out for me. If you're looking for some amazing photography and having a great time with professionals that love what they do, these are the guys you want to work with.

Becca U.

I've collaborated with Sparkle Films through @lagunasoundstudio and have been very happy with their production. They carefully enhance your vision being creative and attentive from shooting to the final edits. Whether you have a big budget or a small project Sparkle Films will capture your ideas on film the way you imagined them!

MaQui S.

I feel extremely lucky to have found Sparkle Films, I can honestly say these are the best guys in the business. I have shot multiple times with Sparkle Films and they always deliver the most beautifully shot images and videos. Their crew always goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Always creating a fun environment, resulting in original, creative, and natural shot videos and photos. I love Sparkle Films!! Highly recommend <3

Stacy G.

Exceptionally beautiful work...love everything theCory and the whole crew at Sparkle Films deliver spectacular eye candy in the demanding world of visual marketing. They are creative, prompt, flexible, and very professional. I would highly recommend Cory and the crew for any of your visual marketing needs! We recently finished a little film to introduce the exclusive gated communities of south San Clemente and they did a fantastic job.y do!!!

Jodi S.

Cory and the whole crew at Sparkle Films deliver spectacular eye candy in the demanding world of visual marketing. They are creative, prompt, flexible, and very professional. I would highly recommend Cory and the crew for any of your visual marketing needs! We recently finished a little film to introduce the exclusive gated communities of south San Clemente and they did a fantastic job.

Bob A.

Sparkle Films are absolute professionals - it's clear that they care about their clients and the product that they deliver. They use innovative techniques and are awesome people, easy to get along with, and they enjoy what they do! I cannot recommend them enough for any video production - you will not be disappointed!!

Mikey M.

Sparkle Films is a great company to work with. They have done a few videos for us now, and the quality is exceptional. They are very professional, and did some amazing work to help us showcase our services. We brought Sparkle films into two of our largest customers, Marriott and Penske Automotive Group, and they did a great job with them both. We are 100% satisfied.

Chris C.

Had such an amazing shoot with these guys! Great locations and shot ideas. The photos were delivered timely and edited to perfection. Not to mention they were really good shots..it was hard to decide which ones to use there were so many options. I will definitely be working with Sparkle Films again!

Amanda C.

I couldn't have felt more comfortable and supported during my shooting as a Spokesperson for Enterpreter Communications.I had a great experience working with Cory Love Sparkuhl, Trev Howard and Taylor Elmajian. Really appreciate the hard work and the great outcome!

Hope I get to work with the team again!:)

Yumichan G.

I shot with Sparkle Films last week for the first time. We met downtown to get some yoga shots and I was blown away by what an incredible team they have. The guys were so friendly and made me feel right at home from the beginning. They were easy to work with and they have such great ideas!! 
Not to mention the images we got... WHOW. I was completely blown away. By far the best yoga shoot I have done to the day. I can't wait to work with this team again.

Andrea J.

I participated in a shoot done by Sparkle Films a while back and I was so impressed by their work, talent, style and edge, that I asked them to do a promo video for my new company. The team was so fun to work with, had great ideas and made me a killer video. Thanks Sparkle Films!!!! You guys are the best!

Kelly H.

Sparkle ilms did a marvelous job on the video for the Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy. 
They captured the energy, fun and magic of this one of kind, holiday art show. Their various camera skills combined with artistic editing told our story beautifully

Mary H.

Sparkle Films is incredible and creates an atmosphere of professionalism while being able to maintain a fun and creative environment. I have loved working with Cory and the team and can't wait for future projects with Sparkle Films.

Taylor E.

Sparkle Films just finished a 4-minute community video for me, and I am very pleased with the results. Cory and Cyrus were a real pleasure to work with, and I will definitely call on them, again!

Julie F.

Big shout out to Cory Love Sparkuhl, Cyrus Polk and Sparkle Films for coming to film Erik Nelsen Surf Camps. They are very easy to work with, have great concepts and were on time! 3 elements which created a successful environment and the end product was amazing. Thanks again guys.

Erik N.

Sparkle films is amazing! Cory and Cyrus are both really fun to work with. They brought my vision to life for my music video. Thank you guys so much!!

Zack T.

Sparkle Film is a fantastic company. Personable and professional. They have filmed and edited many videos for my website. I liked them so much, I flew them to Thailand and Cambodia last year. Also, don't forget the great copter shots!! Highly recommended! KG3

Kevin G.

Sparkle Films just completed a short video for Lion's Heart, and we couldn't be more pleased! Cory and his team worked so well interviewing our Members, and then created a short video that really captured our organization! Thank you! I highly recommend Corey and Sparkle Films!

Terry C.

Sparkle Film's is my first choice for all my production needs! It's not only the best! it's an absolute joy to work with Director Cory Sparkle!! I'm a big fan of Sparkle Film's!!

Glee's Lord Tubbington aka Aragon The Cat.

Cece C.

These guys are good. They have a creative eye, solid work ethic and very flexible. All these qualities make them a great choice in the demanding field of visual marketing solutions.

Stu L.

Cory is an incredibly talented and dedicated professional. His work in capturing the JSerra Catholic High School brand through photography and videography is nothing short of amazing! Cory brought many creative and unique ideas to the launch of our new website. Check out his work at JSerra's website!

Peggy L.

Every photo-shoot has been So fun and creative. They always have a new idea up there sleeve and never fail to surprise me. Thanks again for sharing your talent Cory sparkle and Cyrus Polk !!!

Brigitte R.

Cory and Cyrus are amazing to work with! I've worked with Sparkle Films on two occasions for music videos of mine, and they never disappoint!

Sabrina V. B.

Sparkle Films just created a beautiful piece that I was honored to be part of. They are professional, clear, and helpful. If you need / want a video done perfectly-I highly recommend Sparkle Films!

Glenda H.

I highly recommend Sparkle Films for all your video and editing needs. Corey is creative, dependable, and so professional. Thank you Sparkle Films!

Sandy C.

I have worked in collaboration with Sparkle Films a couple times and I am completely impressed with the quality of their work - highly recommended!

Hailley H.

Excellent experience. Great eye for detail and composition.

Liz O.

Corey did an awesome job! He was professional and is excellent at what he does. Thanks Corey!!

Jeremy A.

Talented crew! Look forward to working with sparkle films again in the near future : )

Hannah D.

Exceptionally beautiful work...love everything they do!!!

Gina M.

Have known Cory for over 10 years. Honest, creative, entrepreneurial, great person

Daniel T.

Cyrus Polk is the man! Takes the most amazing pictures....

Jennifer E.

Exceptional equipment, talent and final product!

Sherri B.

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