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Cory Sparkuhl

The heart and soul of Sparkle Films is Cory Sparkuhl. His passion for filming started at the young age of eleven, that was the first time he picked up a HI8 camera that he got for his birthday. Two years later at 13, he stepped it up by implementing “Linear Editing”, on camera manual editing. At 17, technology advanced and Cory yet again stepped his game up to Final Cut Pro, the newest editing software available during that time. Cory turned 21 and got accepted to Video Symphony in Burbank, California where he worked on a plethora of software programs such as AVID, Adobe After Effects, 3D animation, and much more. After graduating at 23 and moving back his home town of Laguna Beach , Cory wanted to step things up again and that is when Sparkle Films was born. Currently directing TV Shows, Commercials, Promos, and Events, we are a self made local media group that strives to make every client special and unique. Cory Sparkuhl is extremely dedicated and 100% hands on for all editing and filming.

Cyrus Polk

Cyrus Polk is very important asset to Sparkle Films.. Having formed a relationship with Cory in 2000, they have produced many projects together. Cyrus attended School at The Art Institute and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Film and Video Production. Cyrus has been in the film for 17 years and keeps doing what he does with passion. Within all the madness of traveling and living in the cold he was also an assistant editor on the new international series Absolute X. After doing freelance shooting of professional snowboarding in Salt Lake City, Utah for the past 5 years and editing Bozwreck 2 with the help of Nate Bozung and Matty Ryan, Cyrus currently resides in Laguna Beach and works as an editor and cinematographer for Sparkle Films..

Trev Howard

Trevelyan “Trev” Howard, has been professionally writing screenplays and producing Television shows and promotional videos since 2003. Credits include: Tech Toys 360 (Discovery’s Velocity Channel), Absolute X (Ion T.V., international distribution), Agents of Wine series (Two time On-line Video contest semi-finalist), Trevelyan’s The Gourmet Vegetarian (Television Pilot and episodic series). Trev Howard is currently working on original full length motion picture scripts and other entertainment projects. He lives in Laguna Beach and Santa Monica, California.

Lynn Taylor

A valuable resource for Sparkle Films, Lynn has been a strategic marketing executive and spokesperson for multibillion dollar companies in Silicon Valley - and an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. She knows how critical proper messaging is to your brand via video, content marketing and social media - in reaching customers, employees and other audiences. Lynn believes strongly that while creativity is a core foundation in video production, the best videos support specific business objectives.

Nicholas Walker

Nicholas was born and raised in San Francisco. His passion for the arts started at an early age. He is no stranger to being in front of, or behind the camera, landing his first agent at 9 years old. In 2003, Nicholas moved to Laguna Beach in Southern California. Most recently, Nicholas has been involved with Network Television, commercial work, photography, and short films. Having worked with Sparkle Films on a number of projects including music videos and promos, he remains a great asset to the company.

Alexey Bever

With a close attention of detail to composition, and great skills in Post Production, Alexey is a tremendous asset to Sparkle Films. Alexey is a photographer & cinematographer from Mission Viejo, CA. His first began capturing his passion for waves in Laguna Beach, and now he's going just about anywhere.  In his imagery, Alexey tries to set  images to be different from the many other photographers. Alexey was quickly hired by Sparkle and quickly put his multiple skill sets to use as a major contributor to the business. 

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