Becca U.

Author: Sparkle Films LLC |

Not only are Cory and Cyrus two of the raddest guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, but they are the most impressively incredible photographer duo. I remember the first time I shot with them.. I felt so nervous and just hoped that I'd be up to their standards. Within 5 minutes of meeting them, I felt so comfortable and 'part of the crew'. We had such a great time- and always do. Whenever I shoot with Sparkle Films, I know I'm in for a laughter-filled, awesome day. Not to mention, I leave every shoot knowing there are hundreds and hundreds of amazing photographs that continue to blow me away. I'm proud to have had the pleasure to work with these guys from the beginning and see their creative eye evolve into art that is even better than the superb place they started at. I can't imagine having never being blessed enough to have these guys as two of my favorite photographers that I hope will one day document my wedding, but also being my good friends who are always looking out for me. If you're looking for some amazing photography and having a great time with professionals that love what they do, these are the guys you want to work with.