Lauren C.

Author: Sparkle Films LLC |

I can't begin to say what an amazing job Cory & Cyrus did filming for our wedding! Nearly two months later, we are watching our wedding video daily. The editing and production makes us feel like we are watching the trailer to a love story. Extremely professional, insanely talented, & just all around great guys. One thing I realized as I watched the video, I really don't remember the cameras or drones capturing the shots as I watched them. This is really important as we've all been to that wedding where the videographer is as apparent as the bride & groom. They were everywhere, but they were no where - never disruptive or in your face. Cory and Cyrus are very easy to work with as well. More importantly they are passionate about their filming and editing and this shines through when you see their work. Thank you Sparkle Films, you eternally captured the essence of our wedding day and we are forever grateful of your talent and heart.